The Albany/Upstate New York Alumni Chapter is a group of Delta Sigma Pi alumni in New York's Capital Region who truly show that brotherhood is not just for four years, but it is for a lifetime.  The chapter was re-established and franchised in June 2018 and has been active ever since.  On average, the chapter hosts an event each month to engage our membership in areas of professionalism, service, and social activity.


The alumni chapter is conveniently located next to two collegiate chapters: Siena College (Theta Upsilon) and State University of New York - Albany (Zeta Psi).  Being nearby the collegiate chapters provides the alumni chapter ample opportunity to network with the future business leaders of our community.  


Are you looking to reconnect with your brothers? Are you ready to help us serve our community? Are you excited to mentor our students in business?  The alumni chapter provides all of these opportunities for you - inquire today on how to join!


Learn more about our chapter by reviewing our governing documents: our chapter bylaws and our policies and procedures manual


Have you considered getting more involved with Delta Sigma Pi? Volunteerism provides a plethora of benefits including:

  • opportunities to build new bonds through networking and brotherhood activities; 
  • additional education about the national fraternity, the variety of volunteer leadership opportunities, and the available training for volunteers;
  • enhance both your technical and soft skills through application in chapter business;
  • satisfaction in service and giving back; and, 
  • furthering the organization's purpose and ideals as set forth in the preamble of our Bylaws. 



Section 6. Duties of the President – (From National Policies, Section C, Policy 7)

The president has the following duties and powers:

  1. To act as the chief executive officer of the chapter and preside over its meetings.
  2. To call special meetings in accordance with the chapter bylaws.
  3. To see that the chapter officers discharge their duties impartially, accurately, faithfully and promptly.
  4. To enforce the strict observance of Delta Sigma Pi’s Bylaws, Policies and Procedures.
  5. To appoint such committees as deemed necessary.
  6. To serve as the chapter’s delegate to Provincial Council meetings unless unable to attend.
  7. To oversee the recruiting activities of the chapter.
  8. To ensure that the members of the chapter understand the purpose and activities of the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation and the importance of their support of the Foundation.
  9. To oversee the development and implementation of the chapter’s professional program.
  10. To promote LEAD and other National Fraternity educational programs and encourage attendance by chapter members.
  11. Development and implementation of a community service program for the chapter and promote participation in any national or provincial community service project/ programs.
  12. To oversee the administration of any chapter scholarships.

The chapter may provide the president other duties and powers.

Vice President-Finance

Section 9.  Duties of the Vice President-Finance– (From National Policies, Section C, Policy 10)

The vice president-finance has the following duties and powers:

  1. To oversee the receipt and expenditure, upon duly authorized orders, of all monies of the chapter.
  2. To oversee the preparation of an annual chapter budget; monitor revenue and expenses in relation to the budget; and promptly report any variances to the chapter.
  3. To oversee the keeping of an accurate account of the receipts and expenditures of the chapter in a standardized accounting system. 
  4. To ensure such reports as may be required by the Central Office are forwarded without unreasonable delay.
  5. To ensure that payment to the Central Office for invoices covering franchising fees and chapter liability insurance are promptly submitted.

The chapter may provide the vice president-finance other duties and powers.

Vice President-Chapter Operations

Section 7.  Duties of the Vice President-Chapter Operations – (From National Policies, Section C, Policy 8)

The vice president-chapter operations has the following duties and powers:

  1. To assist the chapter president and temporarily assume the president’s duties in his/her absence.
  2. To act as or oversee the duties of the chapter secretary, recording the minutes of all meetings of the chapter, using a standardized system for that purpose. 
  3. To ensure all official communications affecting the chapter are read into the minutes of the chapter.
  4. To ensure correspondence with the Central Office and national officers is promptly handled.
  5. To ensure the names and addresses of all nationally required officers are reported to the Central Office.
  6. To promptly file all reports, except those designated to be the responsibility of other officers of the chapter, as may be requested by the Central Office.
  7. To coordinate strategic planning sessions with the chapter president.
  8. To ensure the names of the Grand Chapter Congress delegates and alternates are submitted to the Central Office within seven days of their election.
  9. To ensure that chapter bylaws are updated and electronically submitted to the Central Office by June 30 of each year.
  10. To ensure the activities of the chapter are communicated to the chapter’s members, other local alumni and the Chair of the Provincial Alumni Development Committee through a chapter newsletter or other form of communication.
  11. To ensure timely information about the chapter and its members is provided to the editor of The DELTASIG.
  12. To oversee the maintenance and accuracy of chapter member address information in the National Fraternity’s database and ensure that changes are promptly communicated to the Central Office.

The chapter may provide the vice president-chapter operations other duties and powers.

Vice President-Collegiate Relations

Section 8.  Duties of the Vice President-Collegiate Relations – (From National Policies, Section C, Policy 9)

The vice president-collegiate relations has the following duties and powers:

  1. To serve as the liaison to local collegiate chapters, specifically the vice president-alumni relations and vice president-professional activities. 
  2. To ensure the members of the chapter are informed on activities being sponsored by collegiate chapters in their local area.
  3. To ensure the activities of the chapter are communicated to the collegiate chapters in their local area.  
  4. To ensure the members of the local collegiate chapter are educated on how they can continue to be involved in the activities of Delta Sigma Pi as alumni members.
  5. To oversee the orchestration of Founders’ Day and Alumni Day events.
  6. To coordinate, maintain and oversee mentoring relationships between collegiate members and both chapter alumni and alumni living in the local area.

The chapter may provide the vice president-collegiate relations other duties and powers.